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June 12 Eagle Updates

Dear Shiloh Families,
This is it! Another end of the school year has arrived. What a delight it has been to spend the last year with your scholars, watching them grow and learn. Every day they delight us with their light, their quirks, and their unbridled enthusiasm for life. Thank you for trusting us with your most precious gifts, your children.
Although school is over, Shiloh Hills will still be open this summer for a variety of learning opportunities. What's more, we'll be coming to YOU! Read on to find out more important information about the last few days of school and summer at Shiloh.
Last Day of School: Wednesday, June 14 is the last day of school. School will be dismissed at 12. Breakfast will be served that day, however lunch will not be served on the last day.
Report Cards: Your child will bring home his or her report card on the last day of school. Inside you will find a schedule for Open Library and the SHOWmobile (Shiloh Hills On Wheels), a school supply list for 2017-18 and a flier of important summer information. All of these items are also attached to this announcement. Some families may also receive letters regarding school attendance next year, specifically doctors' note requirements, if their scholars have been severely chronically absent this year, missing more than 10% of the school year, or 19 days. And speaking of attendance...
Attendance: For Kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders, school attendance is the number one predictor of being on-grade level in reading by 3rd grade. By 6th grade, school attendance becomes the number one predictor of whether a student will graduate from high school on time.
Because of this important statistic, every day of school counts at Shiloh Hills, whether we are learning new lessons, reviewing prior learning, or having a "fun" day like the last day of school. We pride ourselves on our scholars' awesome attendance and in fact it is an expectation that Shiloh Eagles come to school regularly. This means that they miss no more than one day per month of school, on average (9 days or fewer), and rarely if ever go home early or arrive late. Sniffles and mild illnesses don't even get in the way of Shiloh Eagle Attendance. Thank you, families, for helping us soar to new heights with school attendance at Shiloh! Three important things to be aware of:
  • If your child has missed more than 10% of the current 2016-17 school year, or 19 days, all future absences must be excused in writing by a doctor OR verbally by the school nurse.
  • Beginning in 2017-18, if your child misses 5 days of school in any one month, whether the absences are excused or not, new state school attendance law says that we must meet with you in person unless the absences are pre-arranged or excused and we have a learning plan in place for your child. For this reason, communication about your child's absences next year is paramount. Please plan to keep your child out of school only for serious illnesses or emergencies (funerals, once-in-a-lifetime events). This will eliminate the need for many, many conferences.
  • You can find out more about this critical issue by visiting the parent resource page on

Fund Run: When we re-counted our earnings for this year's Fund Run, we discovered that with student earnings and community donations, our Fund Run raised over $8000! This means that we must make good on a promise to our kids...many staff members will sleep on the roof on Tuesday, June 13, the night before the last day of school. Come check us out early in the morning...and maybe you'll get a sighting of the attendance eagle as well!

Nutrition Policy: Following is a reminder of a change in board policy that we have been transitioning to this school year. Beginning in 2017-18, we can no longer accommodate individual students bringing sugary treats on their birthdays. Mead School Board Procedure #6700 limits classroom celebrations to one per month, with no more than one snack or beverage that does not meet "smart snack" guidelines. Because of this procedure, which is based on federal USDA guidelines, classroom teachers may choose to arrange for monthly celebrations that include ALL students with birthdays in any given month. A major benefit of this practice is the inclusion of all students in birthday celebrations. We are delighted to be able to offer smart snacks through our own Mead Nutrition Services! 
And speaking of food...Kids 18 and under can come eat breakfast and lunch for free throughout the last three weeks of July at Shiloh Hills. Not in the area? Spokane Public Schools will also offer meals. Check out the SPS Summer Meals attachment below for more information about this. 
Summer STEM Academy at Shiloh Hills: Click STEM Academy attachment below to find out how your child can participate in a host of amazing summer Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics activities at Shiloh Hills. Scholarships are available!
SHOWmobile: For the third year in a row, Shiloh Hills On Wheels will visit our neighborhoods and apartment complexes throughout the summer. Click the SHOWmobile and Open Library attachment below to find out the schedule! Free books and popsicles will be distributed at each of our drop-in locations.
Summer Open Library: Each Wednesday night throughout the summer, our library will be open for business! Fun themes and activities along with book check out will keep your reader READING every day this summer. Again, click the SHOWmobile and Open Library attachment below for details. Research shows that kids who don't read regularly in the summer time lose 3-6 months of reading progress. Don't let the dreaded "Summer Slide" sneak up on your scholar! 
And speaking of summer reading...Check out these great online resources, compliments of Mead School District, to keep your child reading and learning all summer long!
Phew! That was a lot of information. Kudos to you for making it through and for staying involved and aware of your child's academic life. We hope you have a restful, fun-filled, and learning-filled summer with your amazing Shiloh Eagles. We'll see you in the fall!
Mrs. Duchow, Mr. Edwards, and the Shiloh Staff