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Coming in April, 2018....Camp Shiloh!


We want to be sure that all of our Shiloh families have received the following important information. Please share it with all of your friends and family who may need to know. In the spring we will likely begin our renovations here at Shiloh! Our building was built over 35 years ago and is long overdue for these changes. Many thanks to our voters for their support of this project!


As stewards of public funds, we always strive to be as efficient as possible. One way we can be very efficient with our funds is to take advantage of an existing resource while we are undergoing renovations. Northwood Middle School will move into its new building sometime mid-winter, leaving the former building unoccupied and available for Shiloh to hold classes while our own building is under construction.


We’d like all of our community to know that our move to Northwood will begin before this upcoming school year ends. We will move into Northwood right after spring break of this coming school year and stay throughout the entire next year, 2018-19. In mid-January, we will host a parent information evening to share all of the details of the move. Watch your weekly communication from us via Monday folders, email, the website (, and Facebook for a date and time for this important meeting.


We realize that our community members will have lots of questions as we go through the process of moving. Because our goal is to be proactive, you will receive regular communication this year in the following ways:

  • Regular Principal Newsletters: Watch for a “construction zone” in each newsletter you receive from your principals.
  • Orange Alerts: Throughout the year, you’ll receive updates from us on brightly colored orange paper. Anytime you see orange, you’ll know it’s about the move and you’ll want to read it carefully.
  • Website, Facebook, Twitter, weekly emails, and automated phone calls from Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Duchow.


Q: When exactly will this move take place?

A: Due to the variability that comes with all construction, we are unable to give exact dates. We are hoping that our first day in our new building will be April 9. Following is an estimated timeline given the information we have now.

  • April 2018: Move in to Northwood and complete the 2017-18 school year there.
  • September 2018 – June 2019: Shiloh Hills will attend school at Northwood Middle School.
  • Summer 2019: Move back to the newly renovated Shiloh Hills building.
  • September 2019 – June 2020: First year in our beautiful new school!



Q: Why don’t we stay at Shiloh and use portable classrooms like Midway is doing?

A: Midway has much more space to put portable classrooms than Shiloh does. In addition, Midway is occupying its building only because there are no other options for them at this time. This will also allow construction to move more quickly and get us all moved in sooner.



Q: Will the schedule remain the same once we move to Northwood?

A: Yes. School will still start at 9:10 and end at 3:20. (Note that in the earlier letter there was a misprint. 3:20 is the correct ending time.) At this point, recesses and lunch times will remain the same as well.



Q: How will our students get to and from school?

A: All students will be offered bus transportation. We do not yet have details about stops and routes. This information will become available in late winter, before our move.



Q: May I drive my child to school if I wish to?

A: Yes, however drop off and pick up will be highly congested due to Northwood, Farwell, and Shiloh all attending school in the same area. We strongly urge families to take advantage of busing. There will be very limited space to drop off and pick up students.



Q: Where will our kids have recess and play after-school sports?

A: Shiloh will be given a large portion of Northwood’s football field to play on. After school sports details are being worked out; we will share facilities with Farwell and Northwood, which will require us to be flexible and creative about practice space, but all after-school sports will continue as usual for our kids.



Don’t see your question here? Please feel free to call Mr. Edwards (465-6825) or Mrs. Duchow (465-6810) anytime. Also, look for more updates as the year progresses!