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Eagle Updates March 4 - 8

Dear Shiloh Families,
Well, winter may be hanging on, but we are charging into spring here at Camp Shiloh!
We kicked March off with a wonderful and joyful Bingo Night last Friday. Many thanks to the families that made the trek on that cold and wintry night to join us for several rounds of Bingo. Our amazing PTSO board really stepped up, offering AWESOME raffle baskets and yummy pizza and piles of gorgeous books for kids to win.  As I said to staff, there were smiles for miles that night!
Special thanks are due to...
...Jaime Stacy, our board president, for arranging for all of the food and treats.
...Philomena McGowan, Jamie Price, and their mothers for doing a TON of legwork to prepare the raffle baskets and sew a super cool Seahawks quilt. 
...Elisha Price and Lindsay Kindig, for popping popcorn all night the night before. 
...Parent and para educator Prisca Shin, for working the snack booth all night.
...Teachers, staff, and Whitworth college students who stayed to volunteer their time greeting families, rolling numbers, giving out books, and bringing their own families to play.
...ASB students for being our amazing Bingo Checkers again! 
If we have forgotten anyone, please know how grateful we are to you ALL for making the night a wonderful success.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Duchow and Mr. Edwards
Online issues
There has recently been a spate of online "nonsense." Our kids have come to school talking about online challenges that are dangerous and frightening. We do not allow our children to visit non-approved websites while at school and we fully support you, our Shiloh families, as you closely monitor your child's online activity as well. If scary things get past your filters and supervision, and children come to school talking about these things, we listen with care but we gently shut this conversation down. Please continue to talk with your children about online safety.  
Also, please be aware that our cell phone policy at Shiloh is as follows in our school handbook: Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school; however, when students step onto school property phones are to be turned off and stored in a backpack or book bag. Phones that are not kept in the off position and disrupt student learning may be confiscated by school administration and returned to a parent or guardian at a later date.
Parents should know that we have allowed older students (because these are generally the students who have phones) to be on their phones while waiting for buses or waiting in line in the morning while we have been at Camp Shiloh because these waits are longer than usual due to our temporary location. We ask you to reinforce with your child that they may not visit inappropriate websites or access inappropriate content while they are at school on their phones, period. We do reserve the right to end the practice of allowing any cell phone use at all while children are on school property, as well as to confiscate any device when we have reason to believe it is being used to access inappropriate content or it is disrupting the learning environment. In this event, we would ask parents to come to school to pick the device up.
Thank you for your support as we navigate this sometimes-scary digital world.

Important! Held over for one more week: Parent Perception Survey

Thank you to the many families who have already filled out our survey. In our School Improvement Plan, we have a goal that by the end of this school year, 90% or more of surveyed stakeholders will express positive or high levels of satisfaction about multiple indicators of school climate (safety, communication, student/staff/parent relationships, educational program). To this end, we conducted a survey of families. Didn't get a chance to take the survey? Click here. It is very brief--just 8 multiple choice questions and 2 open-ended optional questions.

What do we do with this information? 

Staff members will get to view the responses and celebrate areas of strength, while looking for solutions and strategies to address our challenges. We will be very open and transparent about our results with you, our parent community, as well.


PTSO Meeting

WE WANT YOU! Please come check out one of our joyful PTSO meetings, led by Jaime Stacy, our amazing and fearless President. We meet this Tuesday, March 5, from 6 - 7 pm, in the Camp Shiloh library. Attending a meeting does not obligate you to do anything at all. It is a chance to make your voice heard and be a part of our Shiloh community. 


PTSO Fund Raiser

Our PTSO is currently running a typically very high-performing fund raiser. Children came home with their envelopes last week. Please call the office at 465-6800 if your child did not get one. Thank you for your support!


NO SCHOOL, Learning Improvement Day: Friday, March 15.

On Learning Improvement Days, teachers do the very important work of learning together about the craft of teaching. It is rare that we have time to slow down and think about best practices and what works best when teaching our kids. This is our chance to do that. Thank you for your support as we engage in this important staff learning day.


DATE CHANGE: First and Second Grade Concert

Please note that the original date set for this concert was March 6, but we have had to make a change to this date due to a couple of logistical conflicts. The new date is Thursday, March 28, from 6 - 7 pm. Please mark your calendars.


Spring Break: April 1 - 5

Please mark your calendars for Spring Break. Although it feels nothing like spring, it's going to be here in just 4 weeks.


Smarter Balanced Assessment

In April and May of every year, we give our students an assessment to check to see how we have done throughout the year. You may recall that it is our goal in math and reading that every child who comes to us at grade level will maintain that growth and grow one year academically throughout the 9 months we have him or her. We know that every child who comes to us below grade level must grow more than one year in order to close the gap. The Smarter Balanced Assessment is one tool that helps us measure this growth.

If you have a child in grades 3 - 6, he or she is scheduled to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment on various days throughout April and May. A schedule will come out as April draws nearer, but in the meantime, we respectfully ask that you do not schedule appointments or family vacations during April and May that will require your child to miss school. Making up this assessment is stressful for students, who then end up missing another school day to make it up. It also taxes building staff, who we must find subs for so they can conduct make up testing for students.


Planning ahead, Last Day of School 

Due to the snow day in early February, there WILL be school on June 14. That will be our last day of school. Please mark your calendars.