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Eagle Updates May 6 - 10

Good evening, Shiloh Families!

Tomorrow marks the start of Teacher Appreciation Week, and we kicked it off right with a special recognition of one of our teachers, Debby Wilson, last week. The entire 6th grade class nominated Ms. Wilson, who was presented this special award by the KHQ and Eastern Washington University team on Friday during the STAR of the Month Assembly. Ms. Wilson is in good company; Shiloh is full of committed teachers and staff. If you feel so inclined, this is a great week to drop a note or even a quick email to your child's teacher to thank him or her for a job well done. And thank you in advance for remembering the many support staff outside of the classroom who help our Eagles soar...special education teachers, LAP and Title teachers, ELL teachers, and specialists (music, PE, library).

Please read on for additional Eagle Updates!


Mrs. Duchow and Mr. Edwards


Student Pick-Up on Center Street:

A few kids are being picked up on the north side of Center Street, directly north of our building. This worries us because they must cross the street, through traffic, in order to reach their ride. Please do not pick your kids up on the north side of Center Street. The first preference is that you use the loop in front of the school. We know it's congested here, so alternatively, consider turning around and picking your child up on the south side of Center Street, facing toward Farwell. 


Meal Account Balances:

Washington State Law requires that anytime a child's school meal account goes into the negative, the principal, assistant principal, or counselor/social worker must call the family and attempt to collect the funds. We wanted to alert Shiloh families to this law so there is no surprise when Mrs. Duchow, Mr. Edwards, or Mrs. Oglesbee calls to request payment on a meal account. Please let us know if you are struggling to pay for your child's school meals; we are happy to explore options with you. 


Attendance Conferences:

Washington State Law also requires that anytime a child misses 5 days of school in a month, or 10 in a year, for any reason, the child's guardians must be invited to a face-to-face school attendance awareness conference with the principal or the principal's designee. The exceptions to this are when a doctors note has been provided to excuse the absence OR the absence was pre-arranged with and pre-approved by the principal and the teacher, and plans were set in place to make up for lost academic time. In addition, At Shiloh Hills it is our policy to require a doctor's note to excuse all absences once a student falls into the "chronically absent" range with a 10% absence rate. A phone conversation with the school nurse in which the symptoms are verified does count as a doctor's note however she may ask to see the student in person before she can excuse the absence. We want to support you, your child, and your family in school attendance so please let us know what barriers you are facing and we will work together to help remove them!



During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins this evening, many families and children fast for intermittent periods. Please let us know if your child is fasting during this time so we can support him or her during lunch periods, hot recess or PE classes, etc. You can notify your child's teacher, Mrs. Hancock, Ms. James, or either of the principals.


So, when are we moving exactly!?

Our remodeled school is slated to be ready for us in August! Teachers will be packing and must have their classrooms ready for movers by the last day of school. This early due date is because of the pending move of about 500 sixth graders, and their teachers, from throughout the district into Camp Shiloh for the 2019-20 school year. Fun fact: once Shiloh leaves, the building will henceforth be called the "Pittsburgh Learning Center." We will have a "closing camp ceremony" on June 6 during our Attendance Celebration!


Important Events and Dates (Please remember to check and subscribe to our online calendar for these important events!)

  • Smarter Balanced Assessments continue throughout the month of May for grades 3 - 6. Please do not take your children out of school during this time. It is very difficult to make up these federally-required tests, and stressful on the children, who must then miss more school in order to do so.
  • PTSO Meeting: Tuesday, May 7, 6 - 7 pm, Camp Shiloh Library
  • PTSO Carnival: May 22, 5:30 - 7:30, Camp Shiloh. Look to the right for more information!
  • Shiloh Senior Breakfast and Graduation Celebration: Thursday, June 6, 8 - 10:30 am, Camp Shiloh Library and gymnasium. Know of any graduating seniors who went to Shiloh Hills during their elementary years? Please please please pass this information along to them! We will start with breakfast and a slideshow in the library with their former Shiloh teachers. Following breakfast, our seniors are cordially invited to attend our Attendance Celebration as our guests of honor. For this important component of our program, seniors are invited to wear their graduation gowns and caps. They will be escorted into the gym with all of the pomp and circumstance befitting such a great accomplishment! Breakfast begins at 8 and the assembly begins at 9:30.
  • Shiloh Family Picnic: Friday, June 7, 11 am - 1 pm, Camp Shiloh "playground". This event is "BYOL" (Bring Your Own Lunch) for grownups and non-school-age siblings. A sack lunch will be served that day for Shiloh students. Please plan to bring a blanket, lawn chairs, and a lunch for yourself (and your child if you wish). A detailed schedule will be announced soon. This event is weather permitting; stay tuned for updates as the date draws nearer.
  • Fund Run Update: The PTSO will vote Tuesday May 7 to decide whether they will hold the Fund Run this year. It was a challenge last year due to limited field space, and we are short on volunteers to help us plan it. Committed parents who might be willing to help us put this event on in the future are desperately needed! If you'd like to get involved at Shiloh Hills, this could be your chance! Please plan to attend the May 7 PTSO meeting if you are interested in lending a hand to plan future Fund Runs, starting with the Fund Run in June of 2020.
  • Shiloh Field Day: June 10. This is an "oldie but goodie" that Shiloh staff are bringing back for 2019! Please let your child's teacher know if you are willing to run a game for an hour and a half or so. K-2 students will have field day in the morning and 3-6 students will have field day after lunch.
  • Last Day of School: Friday, June 14. School will end at 12 noon that day. Lunch is not served on the last day of school, so please plan accordingly. Report cards will come home on the last day of school as well!