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Eagle Updates, September 9

Good evening Shiloh Families! 

We are off and running...  We had such a great week seeing all our returning Eagles as well as getting to know our new ones!!  We had multiple opportunities to visit classrooms this past week and it was such a joy to see how each teacher is building a community that includes every student.  We have a few reminders for this week. As always, if you have any questions please call the front office at 465-6800.


Drop off and Pick up routines:  Please remember to drop off and pick up your students in the designated areas only.  In order to ensure ALL our students are safe we must insist that parents drop off and pick up students along a school side curb.  If you aren't sure what it means to drop off or pick up in a designated area, please check the back to school letter here, or come to the office and someone can show you.  Thank you for your help with this critical information.

  • If your student does not eat breakfast or if your child doesn't need to catch a shuttle bus, he/she does not need to be to school before 9:00.  We do NOT have line up supervision before this time.  If you child does come to school before 9:00, we will remind them that they can leave the house a little later.


Open House:  Our Shiloh Hills Open House will be on September 26th from 5:30 - 8:00 pm.  Please see the details for this evening below.  We hope to see everyone there!

  • 5:30 - 6:05 pm - Parents of Kindergarten through 3rd grade students will have an opportunity to meet and hear from their child's teacher.
  • 6:15 - 7:15 pm - All Parents are invited to the Multipurpose room to hear Dr. Kent Hoffman speak.  Dr. Hoffman will share some critical information on parenting and how our human brain develops.  We are so fortunate to have Dr. Hoffman talking to our school community and we hope you take advantage of this incredible opportunity to hear him speak.
  • 7:25 - 8:00 pm - Parents of 4th through 6th grade students will have an opportunity to meet and hear from with their child's teacher.


Signing in at the Office:

  • As a school that encourages parent involvement, we want to remind you that in order to come into the building, you must check in at the office.  When you check in, our office staff will ask for identification so please remember to have some form of ID on you if you plan to come to our school.  Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding in this matter.


Choice Recess:

At Shiloh we look at our data carefully to help us make decisions about academics, and we also use our data to help us make decisions about social and emotional supports. One thing we have noticed over the years is that student behavioral referrals increase during recess time. This makes sense because unstructured play time is often difficult for young kids to manage.

We learned that Evergreen, our neighbor school, was trying to support kids and prevent them from getting into trouble at recess by adding a little bit of structure to recess. Our recess supervisors visited them and met with their supervisors to learn how it works. We've developed a Shiloh version of Evergreen's great plan, and we are calling it Choice Recess. Our first - sixth graders participate. 

Kids have multiple choices of activities each week. Some of the choices rotate in and out weekly (like Ogo Balls, hula hoops, giant life-size building blocks, etc.). Some choices they have every day of every week (like the big toy, which will be open MONDAY!!). Kids make a choice before they go outside and wear a wristband that matches the area they chose. When they get outside, they can change their minds. They just have to find a supervisor, switch bands, and off they go. Kindergarteners will not participate with wrist band until they have more experience with school, but they'll still have all the same fun choices that the other kids have.

Two supports that will help our kids avoid trouble at recess, but make sure they get exercise when they do get into trouble: 

1. We do not allow violent games, like "Zombies", "Ninjas," or acting out violent video games. These are activities that invariably lead to someone getting hurt. When a child is on the field for a Choice Recess game like "tag" or soccer, the child may play that game, or be an observer. We don't allow the child to make up his or her own game to play instead of the organized game. Again, this decision is based on data that show our kids get in the most trouble when they are left to their own devices and come up with games like zombies or ninjas.

2. When kids break rules on the playground or in class, we don't like to take their recess away. They truly need the exercise. However, they may lose the privilege of choosing their recess activity if they get into trouble. We have an area of the field that is for running or walking laps, and if a child struggles with following the rules he or she may be asked to run or walk a lap, or two, or more. Children do not have to run, but they do have to keep moving to the extent they are physically able. 

Do you have questions about Choice Recess? Please feel free to come to our PTSO meeting on Tuesday, September 10 at 6 pm in the library. We will have para educators there to answer your questions!


Attendance and Health: At Shiloh Hills we have big goals. If your child comes to us below grade level in math or reading, we must help them make more than a year’s progress to close the gap. If your child comes to us at grade level, they must make at least a year’s growth.  If they are not at school, we cannot achieve these goals. Please call the office each and every day your child is going to be absent. The attendance line is 465-6884. Not sure if your child is sick enough to keep home? Leave a message for the school nurse and she’ll call you when she arrives. In weeks to come, we will share more information about attendance, Washington State Law, and how attendance directly impacts student success in school and beyond. Please help your child learn and grow: Get him or her to school 90% - 100% of the school year.

Thank you for taking time to read through this information.


Your Administrative Team

Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Duchow