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Eagle Updates March 30 - April 3

Greetings Shiloh Families,

We hope this message finds you well.  As we move forward we want to make sure you all know that our first priority as a school is to ensure the health and safety of our families.  This includes your mental health as well as your physical well being.  We know that you are doing everything you can to keep some sort of routine for your children during this unparalleled time and we want to support you!  With this in mind, we want to encourage you to enjoy this time with your family and have some fun as we continue practicing social distancing.  Mrs. Duchow will continue posting any pictures/videos that you share with her on Facebook.  Please see the message below for more specifics on how to do this so we can see our Shiloh Eagles!  

We will continue our weekly communication with all of you throughout the duration of the school closure to make sure you continue to receive the most up-to-date information. 

We sure do miss our Shiloh Eagles!  Please take care and stay safe, 


With Warm Regards,

Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Duchow


Packet Pick up:

We still have some packets of work at school.  If your child was at school on Monday, March 16th (the last day before the closure) they were given this packet to take home at the end of the day.  If your child was not at school, you would have had to come to the office and pick this packet up.  If you still need to get this packet for your child please email Mr. Edwards or Mrs. Duchow and we can arrange a time for you to come pick this packet up! 


The Mead School District began our MEAD EATS program this past Monday March 23rd.  Please see the attached link to see details on how, when and where to pick up lunch for your child.

Facebook Page:

Mrs. Duchow has been doing a ton of work to make sure we stay as connected as a school community. If you are on Facebook, please go on and "like" the Shiloh Hills page.  As I shared above, we want to see you and your child(ren) having fun.  Yes, if your child is doing something exciting with academics you can continue sharing but we also want to see everyone taking advantage of this time to be together so please share your smiling faces!  You can email your photos/videos to and she will post your pictures on the FB page as long as they are school appropriate :). 

Laptop Pick up:

Moving forward we will have student Chromebook pick-up at Mead High School from 1-3 every Wednesday.  This will start Wednesday, April 1st.  We are not taking names, we will just have the parent/guardian fill out a form at pickup. If you have questions or need help with this please email Mr. Edwards ( or Mrs. Duchow (

Additional Information:

Yearbooks: You can purchase a yearbook through the Mead On-line store.  Simply follow the following directions and you'll be all set!

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Type in your username and password.  This maybe your child's username and password.  You can also follow the directions on this site that direct you to Powerschool to sign in.
  3. Click on your child's name 
  4. Go to the "Shop" category and select "Items At Student's School"
  5. Go down to "categories" and select "Yearbook". You can purchase right there!

Silverwood Reading Program:

Silverwood Park has extended the deadline for Silverwood Reading Logs to April 30th.  All Shiloh reading logs are due by Thursday, April 30th.  Students will receive their tickets by May 15th. This time away from school might be a great time for the students to fulfill the 10 reading hour requirement. 


**Attention 5th and 6th Grade Parents**

Middle School Class Registration:
With all students being away from the building, our middle schools are reevaluating how we get students to register for their classes for next year. Please stay tuned for more information regarding class registration, but know that all students will have equal opportunity to enroll in the classes of their choosing for next year.

Thanks for Reading!