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Eagle Updates, April 20 - 24

Greetings Shiloh Families,

We hope this email finds you well and enjoying this lovely weather.  As we move into our second week of new learning please remember that we are here to support you however we can.  If you are struggling with any of the information being provided, please let your teacher know as soon as possible so he/she can problem solve with you.  As always, if you have questions for Mr. Edwards or Mrs. Duchow you can always email or call us! 

Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Duchow.


Weekly Reading and Math Time

Whoops! Mrs. Duchow goofed! In her video, she said that we'd be flip flopping reading and math each week so we'd have three days of one and two days of the other, then switch the following week. We are actually NOT flip flopping, so each week will have three days of reading assignments and two days of math assignments. (She's flip-flopping on her original flip-flop...sounds like a politician!)


Shiloh Jumps Into Learning!

Hopefully, your child received his or her little gift in the mail from Shiloh Hills. We want to thank our community partner, Shiloh Hills Fellowship, for gifting us the money to purchase this for each child! To go with it, Ms. Wilson put together some pretty great jump rope challenges. Please take short videos of your child attempting these challenges and send them to Mrs. Duchow at We want to do something special with these videos so the more we get, the better! About 10-30 seconds is a manageable length. 


A Message from Mrs. Oglesbee

Please click here to read about the resources Mrs. Oglesbee has been gathering for your children. Message from Mrs. Oglesbee


Chromebook Responsibility

Parents, please remember that if you have picked up a Mead School District Chromebook, you are responsible for it.  This was outlined for you when you picked up the Chromebook(s) and signed them out.  Please let Mr. Edwards are Mrs. Duchow know if you have any questions about this.


Cyber Safety

Now more than ever we must be teaching our children about online safety. Please click this link from the National Council for Missing and Exploited Children for FREE educational and entertaining online safety resources designed for children 10 and under. Click this link from for ideas to teach your pre-teen about online safety.


Virtual Etiquette

We hope many of you have been able to help your children connect with your teacher and his/her class virtually!  This is a new thing for many of us and we are all learning together.  I wanted to share a couple pointers for you to think about when setting your child up on a zoom or google hangout meeting.  If you follow these basic tips, your child will be able to participate in a fun and positive way that is respectful of ALL participants.

  • Try to find a quiet space for your child to be in a meeting on the computer.  It can be really difficult for your child to concentrate on the content of the meeting if there is a lot of other stuff going on in the background.  I know this can be hard sometimes, so try your best!
  • Using Mute: Remember that if your child's microphone is not muted, everyone in the meeting can hear everything that is going on, even in the background.  This can cause issues when others are trying to talk and it can be distracting for all the other participants.
  • Turning Camera Off:  Remember that your child can turn their camera off at any point during their class meetings.  People do this for a variety of reasons so talk with your child to help them understand what is and what is not appropriate when they are on camera.   Your best bet is to think about what you'd like to see from your child if they were sitting in a classroom.  What would you expect?  Remember these meetings should only be about 30 minutes.
  • Remember our Shiloh STAR expectations during these meetings.  Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable, Respectful and Successful.  As a staff, we hope to come up with some examples of what each of these expectations look like during virtual meetings but in the meantime, please keep them in mind as your child learns how to be a part of a virtual classroom.
  • Your child's teacher may have already shared their expectations with your child or they may be sending some expectations out this week.  If you have any questions about this or if you hear anything that could be concerning, please let your child's teacher know.  I hope to share more specific expectations by using our STAR expectations in next week's reminders.  


Facebook Page:

If you are on Facebook, please go on and "like" the Shiloh Hills page.  You can email your photos/videos to and she will post your pictures on the FB page as long as they are school appropriate :). 


Spring Sports Update:

If your child is interested in a spring sport, please have them sign up.  We are still working out details on how this might work and more information will be shared in the coming weeks. 

The spring sports options are: 

1) 6th Grade Flag Football 


2) 6th Grade  Softball 

At a different time will be Track:

1) 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Track (Boys and Girls)

We would love to have as many students as possible sign up and participate!

Please sign up on the Family ID link below:



The Mead School District will continue operating our MEAD EATS program.  Please see the attached link to see details on how, when and where to pick up lunch for your child.


You can still order your yearbook online by following the directions listed below.  You can purchase a yearbook through the Mead On-line store.  Simply follow the following directions and you'll be all set!

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Type in your username and password.  This may be your child's username and password.  You can also follow the directions on this site that direct you to Powerschool to sign in.
  3. Click on your child's name 
  4. Go to the "Shop" category and select "Items At Student's School"
  5. Go down to "categories" and select "Yearbook". You can purchase right there!
Virtual Field Trips:
Please keep these great resources in mind for your learner, compliments of Mrs. Hagstrom:
San Diego Zoo
Polar Bears
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Carlsbad Caverns
Dry Tortugas National Park

Thanks for Reading!