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Eagle Updates, April 27 - May 1

Greetings, Shiloh Families!

We hope everyone is doing well!  Our teachers are working hard to make sure you have everything you need to support your student in their learning.  I know you probably already know this but the learning process is much bigger than learning the academic content. This is an opportunity to work on some very important life skills that will be invaluable to your child as they grow. A couple things to think about as you work with your child at home:

  1. Creating a learning environment that works for your child is critical.  If you are struggling with this or have questions about how to make this happen you can reach out to Mr. Edwards or Mrs. Duchow.  Not that we have all the answers, but we are happy to problem solve with you!  A great starting place could be to ask your child what would work for them, but remember their idea or suggestion has to work for you too!
  2. Talk to your student about the importance of routine and organization.  If your child's workspace looks anything like Mr. Edwards kids' this is something we need to teach them.  Most kids don't naturally have the skillset to organize themselves.  I'm sure your child's teacher can help you with some ideas for what works for them at school.
  3. Chunk their learning time.  At school our students have brain breaks throughout the school day.  They may work on a task for 10-30 minutes (depending on the grade) and then take a quick brain break where they may move around or get a drink.  A helpful tip could be to think about what you need when you are doing your work.  We don't just sit for hours and hours doing our work without breaks so i wouldn't expect our kids to do it.
  4. Be your child's biggest cheerleader!  Remember to keep this situation in perspective.  Your child is doing the best they can with their skillset.  Don't lose sight of the big picture.  ALL of our students are in a similar situation that is less than ideal and we want you to know your relationship with your child is the most important piece of this puzzle.  Love, patience and grace are the things we can give them.   And while you're at it, give yourself the same love, patience and grace.

You are doing a fantastic job and we appreciate your hard work to support your student.  We miss our kids and look forward to celebrating the end of the school year with them, even if it looks a little different.

Please read on for this week's Eagle Updates
Take care and be well!


Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Duchow


Kindergarten Enrollment for 2020-2021

Enrollment is OPEN for our upcoming Kindergarteners (the class of...2033!).

If your child will turn 5 before August 31, he or she is eligible to register for Kindergarten! Please click here to register your child online. You will need a lease or mortgage statement and utility bill with your name and address on them to prove residency, as well as immunization records and a birth certificate. If you submit your registration without this documentation, we will not be able to complete the registration or place the child on a class list until they are received. You can email these to if you are unable to upload them at the time of enrollment. Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors! Kindergarten tends to fill up fast and we want to be able to keep all of our kids at their home schools if possible. Late enrollees sometimes have to shuttle to another school until spots open up in their home schools.

Go Kindergarten!!


Jump Rope Video:

Please keep those videos coming!! Mrs. Duchow is collecting them all for a special Shiloh project! 10-30 seconds is perfect.

Spokesman Article

Check out this article about Elisha Price, one of our amazing Para Educators:

PBIS Update!    

PBIS Fun Fact Friday!

Did you know that PBIS consists of rules and routines?

How about starting a routine of asking your child what the best part of their day was every evening that you see them?

You might learn a new fun fact about your kiddo!



The Mead School District will continue operating our MEAD EATS program.  Please see the attached link to see details on how, when and where to pick up lunch for your child.



You can still order your yearbook online by following the directions listed below.  We had a glitch to the system last week that took the link away but in working with the district technology department, we have fixed it. You can purchase a yearbook through the Mead On-line store.  Simply follow the following directions and you'll be all set!

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Type in your username and password.  This may be your child's username and password.  You can also follow the directions on this site that direct you to Powerschool to sign in.
  3. Click on your child's name 
  4. Go to the "Shop" category and select "Items At Student's School"
  5. Go down to "categories" and select "Yearbook". You can purchase right there!

Thanks for reading!