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Shiloh Hills Students Create Living Flag

On Friday, October 24, 540 students headed out to the playground in red, white, and blue rain ponchos and, under the direction of our music teacher, Brian Maney, created a life-sized replica of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner 200 years ago at the Battle of Baltimore. Once the students were arranged by class (which went quite smoothly, thanks to Mr. Maney's excellent planning), Shiloh's principal, Mrs. Duchow, welcomed the students, our superintendent Tom Rockefeller and board member Maureen O'Conner, and introduced our sponsor for the event, American Tradition Homes. American Tradition Homes is located on Lincoln just east of the Shiloh Hills Church and its owners generously donated the money to buy the ponchos. Business owner Matt Winward was on hand to watch the event unfold.
Mr. Maney then directed the students in a vocal rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Some neighbors reported later that they heard and appreciated this event from their back decks and porches! Students from Mead High School's Video Production class were on hand to film the event with a remote-controlled video camera drone. The high school students will create a mini-documentary which we will post on our website when it becomes available. Photos and video from this event will also be a part of our November 6 Veterans Day assembly.
View a clip from KREM news at the following link.
View a collection of the staging of Shiloh's Living Flag in the photo album linked below.