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Camp Shiloh, Day 1!

Dear Shiloh Families,

Your kids were amazing today. They learned their new classroom and building routines quickly and wowed us all with their great behavior as we worked out the kinks. Teachers were amazing too, bending and flexing and accommodating changes to routines and procedures that needed to be made on the fly.

By far, our biggest challenge was getting all of our kids home on time. As our transportation department works to find enough drivers to transport the approximately two hundred new additional riders who normally walk to school, we have to make due with the manpower we have. This means we have to transport our kids to and from school in two waves. It's certainly not our first choice, but it's the best we can do at this time.

Today, busing wave two was delayed by about a half hour for a few reasons. One reason was that it took some time to get all kids into the proper bus lines. Although we practiced all of the bus line up procedures with every class and every grade level during the day and we staggered the dismissal time, we still experienced a bottleneck getting 560 kids out to their buses in an organized fashion through limited exits. Tomorrow, we may be able to stagger our students differently and more efficiently. 

Another challenge causing a delay was the number of students who told us at the last minute that they would be doing something different today (going to the Boys and Girls Club, for example, instead of home, or getting picked up instead of riding the bus). For each of these students, we must make an individual call home to confirm that what the child told us is accurate. Written notes from home with these changes to plans are appreciated and we invite you to send them to us. In addition, we will confirm earlier in the day buses for those riders who think they ride different buses than the ones we have in our data base or plans that children have that don't match the plans we have in our records.

These were the challenges on the school's end. 

The transportation department has their own challenges, such as getting our middle and high school routes completed quickly so they can come to Shiloh, stage pick up efficiently and safely, and quickly leave with our wave 1 riders. Another challenge that led to delays was the inevitable teaching of routines and procedures that our bus drivers feel compelled to do, and rightfully so, because it is just good practice. This instruction caused delays in getting back to Shiloh for wave 2 and should not be an issue tomorrow and in days to come.

We are so grateful to you for extending us your patience and understanding as we work to complete this move and iron out the wrinkles. Transportation on day one wasn't like clockwork, but we'll make adjustments. Thank you for bearing with us!


Mrs. Duchow and Mr. Edwards