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Eagle Updates, May 14 - 18 2018

Dear Shiloh Families,

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Eagle Moms out there. What a beautiful weekend this has been. We hope you were able to get outside and soak up some sun! Here are some important updates to note. Thanks for reading! 

Mrs. Duchow and Mr. Edwards


PTSO Skate Night

Come get your skate on and get involved in your child's school community at Skate Night this Tuesday, May 15, from 6 - 8 pm at Pattison's Roller Rink. 


Second Annual Shiloh Hills PTSO Talent Show:

Yippeeee!!! On Friday, May 18 from 6 -7:30 pm, Shiloh Hills will host its Second Annual PTSO Talent Show for students in grades 3 - 6! It will be held in the Camp Shiloh gymnasium. The window for signing up has closed and students presented their acts to PTSO this past Friday. Please make plans to attend the talent show this coming Friday for a fun and free family night out.


Shiloh Hills PTSO Carnival

The Fourth Annual Shiloh Hills Spring Carnival is coming! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 29, 5:30 - 7 pm. The carnival will take place at Camp Shiloh in the football field behind the school. Please enter the carnival by walking around the school to the north (on Center Street). Parking along Center Street will be available as well. Unlimited turns on inflatable toys are available with a wristband. Games and food are available for tickets (see below). Wristbands and tickets will be available for pre-purchase beginning May 1. Although this is not primarily a fund raiser, our Carnival Provider, All-Star Jump, provides us with a portion of the profits. Come support our amazing PTSO and have a great evening of family fun in the process!

Wrist bands: $7.00

Tickets: $0.50

Carnival Games 2 Tickets

Face Painting 8 Tickets

Hair Spray 2 Tickets

Candy 2 Tickets

Chips 2 Tickets

Pop/Bottle Water 2 Tickets

Popcorn 2 Tickets

Cotton Candy or Snow Cone 3 Tickets

Hot Dog 3 Tickets

Nachos and Cheese 4 Tickets

Hot Dog/Chips/Drink Meal 6 Tickets

Nacho/Cheese/Drink Meal 6 Tickets


Smarter Balanced Assessment Dates

Our 3rd-6th graders have begun our state assessment, the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This measures their academic growth and achievement this year. Following are the remaining testing dates. It is very important for your child to be in school. Making up tests causes students to miss class. In addition, students who must make up tests must take them in different locations with adults other than their teachers, and they do not always do as well in these conditions. Please avoid vacations and appointments on the days that your child’s grade level is testing and contact your child’s teacher right away if you know of any conflicts.

Remaining Dates:

3rd Grade:

May 16, May 22—Mathematics

4th Grade:

May 22, May 24—Mathematics

5th Grade:

May 17—Mathematics

May 23, May 24—Science (5th grade is the only grade tested in science)

6th Grade:

May 15, May 16—English and Language Arts

May 21, May 23—Mathematics


Shiloh Fund Run and Family Picnic Lunch

On Monday, June 11, we will host our Fund Run followed by a family picnic from 12 - 1. Parents and families are invited to participate in both. Come watch your child run, or better yet, lace up your sneakers and run or walk with your child. Afterwards, grab a sack lunch prepared by our kitchen staff, lay out a blanket on the grass, and eat lunch with your Eagle. Lunches for adults will be available for pre-purchase, or alternatively you are welcome to pack and bring a picnic lunch for your family. Information about pre-purchasing your school sack lunch will come out on Monday, May 21, and the window for pre-purchase will be May 22 - June 1. 


Last Day of School

And suddenly, it's time to remind families about the last day of! Our last day will be Wednesday, June 13. Students are dismissed at noon. Lunch is not served on the last day of school, so please make plans accordingly for your child. Transportation changes, if there are any, will be announced soon. 


Shiloh Hills Website and Facebook Page

We want to be sure you get the communication you need. Please remember to check our website,, regularly for news and information. Also, consider following our Facebook page for updates.