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Greetings, Shiloh Kindergarten Families!

Greetings, Shiloh Kindergarten Families!

We know this is a big step in your have a child about to start Kindergarten! We are honored to be a part of this wonderful and memorable time.

You may be wondering a little about when you will hear from us to set up your parent-teacher conference. We have been delayed in contacting our families due to rapidly growing enrollment throughout the district. We are busily working to be sure every Kindergartener has a seat! We hope to begin calling families of Kindergarteners on Monday, August 27, to set up conferences. You are welcome to call us to set up your conference as well. Our office number is 465-6800.



Here is a brief run-down of back-to-school information for Kindergarteners at Shiloh Hills:

Monday, August 27: Office will begin calling families of Kindergarteners to set up WaKIDS conferences

Tuesday, August 28: Back-to-School Bash! Come and go anytime between the hours of 5 pm and 7:30 pm to meet your teacher and principals, tour the school, learn about the amazing resources we have as a Title 1 school, and pick up a bag of food from the Mobile Market if you'd like it!

Monday, September 4 - Thursday, September 6:  Kindergarten parent-teacher conferences.

Friday, September 7: Kindergarten's First Day of School! On the first day of school, we invite you to come in through the front doors of the building by the office, get a badge, and accompany your child to class if you wish. This is a great time to take photos and give one more hug. Doors will open at 9:00. School starts at 9:10 am and ends at 3:20 pm.



As the school year progresses, you may wonder what the beginning and end of day routines look like. While we are at Camp Shiloh, these are our routines and procedures for Kindergarteners:

8:40 am: Breakfast begins. ALL students enter for breakfast in the "T-Hallway". These are the glass double doors to the right of the "Camp Shiloh" banner on the front of our building. If parents would like to accompany their children to breakfast, they must enter through the vestibule and check in at the office before going to breakfast with their children. For the safety of our kids, we ask ALL adults to enter the building through the office. Please keep in mind that our cafeteria is very crowded in the morning, making it difficult to sit with your children during breakfast. We certainly welcome you but ask for your patience during that busy and crowded time!

8:45 am: First buses begin to arrive. All children enter the building through the T-Hallway doors. Those who do not eat breakfast at school go directly to their teacher's table in the cafeteria to wait for the teacher to pick up the class. Please feel free to send books and/or coloring books and crayons with your child. Many children love this time to read and color! Please keep all other toys and electronics at home.

9:10 am: First bell rings. Teachers pick their classes up from the cafeteria and off they go to learn and grow! The tardy bell rings at 9:15. Any child who arrives after this time is considered tardy and the tardy is noted in our attendance system. Any child who arrives after 9:30 am is marked as a "late arrival". Please work to get your child to school on time each day. 

11:30 am: Your kindergartener will have lunch each day at 11:30, then go to recess at 11:50. Recess ends at 12:10. Because we know how important it is for Kindergarteners to run, jump, and play, they will also have additional brief recesses throughout the day.  

3:20 pm: School ends. Students whose parents pick them up are escorted to the front of the building by their teachers and are not released until the known adult makes eye contact with the classroom teacher. Students who ride buses go directly to their bus lines.

We hope this gives you some peace of mind as you plan for the upcoming school year. Do not hesitate to call or email if you have further questions! Our office number is 465-6800.

Believe, Achieve, Inspire!

Mrs. Duchow and Mr. Edwards