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Our Staff

Office Phone: 509-465-6800  |  Fax: 509-465-6820  |  Attendance Line: 509-465-6884 (24hrs)

Principal: Lisa Horn 509-465-6810
Principal's Administrative Assistant: Becky Ellenz 509-465-6801
Building Administrative Assistant: Jodie Julagay 509-465-6803


First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Diana Anderson SLP 6835
Nancy Babkirk Paraeducator 6802
Debbie Bone OT 6830
Elena Bronson 2nd Grade Teacher 6851
Mya Brooks 3rd Grade Teacher 6840
David Browning Transitional Kindergarten Teacher 6858
Kaleigh Bussiere Behavior Tech. 6800
Molly Cain 3rd Grade Teacher 6859
Michael Caraballo Transitional Kindergarten 6800
Theresa Chapman DLC Paraeducator 6800
Katie Curry Mental Health Specialist 6872
Diane Cromer Kitchen Para 6815
Vivian Davis Resource Teacher 6800
Susan Delsid Paraeducator 6800
Cassi Dixon Paraeducator 6800
Rachel Emerson Paraeducator 6800
Cindie Gaither Library IT Specialist/Website 6814
Keven Gebeke Custodian 6868
Rick Geissler Kindergarten long-term sub 6874
Cathe Hagstrom Title 1 Teacher 6824
Jacqueline Hanna-Eckert DLC Paraeducator 6800
Jenny Hawkins Library Paraeducator 6867
Cassandra Hendershot School Classified Nurse 6834
Travis Ives 5th Grade Teacher 6864
Lauren Kerri 4th Grade Teacher 6846
Lindsay Kindig Paraeducator/Health Room 6800
Julie Kink 1st Grade Teacher 6860
Julie Klassen 3rd Grade Teacher 6844
Jenaye Lange Kindergarten Teacher 6860
Tami Lee Resource Teacher 6827
Sarah Lockett Paraeducator 6800
Brooke Loewen Kindergarten Teacher 6859
Shelley Mader Paraeducator 6800
Rachel Markum Primary Music Teacher 6863
Lindsey Masiark Physical Therapy 6800
Kya Mayfield 1st Grade Teacher 6859
Nicki McGregor 2nd Grade Teacher 6841
Justus Morlock DLC Teacher 6876
Sarah Mortier 5th Grade Teacher 6864
Lindsay Nerger 1st Grade Teacher 6848
Joanna Netzel Paraeducator 6800
Renee Nielsen Paraeducator 6800
Jill Olson Ed Spec 6873
Laura Pederson SLP 6835
Jill Perry LAP Teacher 6877
Kim Perdue ELL Teacher 6826
Shawn Phillips Paraeducator 6800
Heidi Rae Title LAP Teacher 6809
Natalee Reid Social Worker 6866
Jackie Reinhart Kitchen Para 6815
Prisca Shin Paraeducator 6800
Alia Simonson 4th Grade Teacher 6842
Megan Snyder 5th Grade Teacher 6871
Molly Sorensen Paraeducator 6800
Nara Spade 2nd Grade Teacher 6856
JoLena Speer School Certificated Nurse 710-9068
Suzy Swenland Intermediate Music Teacher 6863
Amy White Paraeducator 6800
Alex Williams Kindergarten Teacher 6858
Debby Wilson Health and Fitness Specialist 6870
Sarah Wilson Kindergarten Teacher 6874
Jake Zachman Resource Teacher 6852
Fatima Zukic Paraeducator 6800
Tamara Zufall Paraeducator 6800