Shiloh Hills Elementary School
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Shiloh Hills Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6800  |  Fax: 509-465-6820  |  Attendance Line: 509-465-6884 (24hrs)

Principal: Lisa Horn [email protected] 509-465-6810
Principal's Administrative Assistant: Becky Ellenz [email protected] 509-465-6801
Building Administrative Assistant: Jodie Julagay [email protected] 509-465-6803

First Name

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Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Nancy Babkirk Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Debbie Bone OT [email protected] 6830
Elena Bronson 1st Grade Teacher  [email protected] 6857
Mya Brooks 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 6840
David Browning Kindergarten Teacher [email protected] 6855
Molly Cain 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 6800
Theresa Chapman DLC Paraeduator [email protected] 6800
Katie Curry Mental Health Specialist [email protected] 6872
Diane Cromer Kitchen Para [email protected] 6815
Susan Delsid Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Cassi Dixon Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Brandee Elmore Paraeducator [email protected] 6802
Ashley Ellenz DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Cindie Gaither Library IT Specialist/Website [email protected] 6814
Keven Gebeke Custodian [email protected] 6868
Kim Gortsema Ed Spec [email protected] 6873
Cathe Hagstrom Title 1 Teacher [email protected] 6824
Jacqueline Hanna-Eckert DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Jenny Hawkins Library Paraeducator [email protected] 6867
Cassandra Hendershot School Classified Nurse [email protected] 6834
Lauren Kerri 4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 6846
Heidi Kieper Resource Room [email protected] 6800
Lindsay Kindig Paraeducator/Health Room [email protected] 6800
Julie Kink 1st Grade Teacher [email protected] 6860
Julie Klassen 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 6844
Vieyn Krop Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Paulla Lalley 1st/2nd Combo Teacher [email protected] 6856
Jenaye Lange Kindergarten Teacher [email protected] 6851
Jennifer Lee 1st/2nd Combo Support [email protected]
Tami Lee Resource Room [email protected]
Lindsey Masiark PT [email protected] 6874
Kya Mayfield 1st Grade Teacher [email protected] 6859
Nicki McGregor 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected] 6841
Kerry McIntyre-Bradley 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected] 6843
Justus Morlock 21ST Century Grant Program Manger [email protected] 6876
Sarah Mortier 5th Grade Teacher [email protected] 6864
Lindsay Nerger DLC Teacher [email protected] 6848
Jill Olson Ed Spec [email protected] 6873
Katie Patry PT [email protected] 6874
Laura Pederson SLP 6835
Jill Perry LAP Teacher [email protected] 6877
Kim Perdue ELL Teacher [email protected] 6826
Teresa Polensky Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Heidi Rae Title LAP Teacher [email protected] 6809
Natalee Reid Social Worker [email protected] 6866
Jackie Reinhart Kitchen Para [email protected] 6815
Joel Roeber Music Teacher [email protected] 6863
Prisca Shin Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Cathi Sigurdson 5th Grade Teacher [email protected] 6845
Alia Simonson 4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 6842
Joe Smeader Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Megan Snyder 4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 6871
JoLena Speer School Certificated Nurse [email protected] 710-9068
Marcus Syzemore Custodian [email protected] 6868
Alex Williams Kindergarten Teacher [email protected] 6858
Mickinzie Willis DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 6800
Debby Wilson Health and Fitness Specialist [email protected] 6870
Fatima Zukic Paraeducator [email protected] 6800